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Complex supplies for industrial companies
Complex supplies for industrial companies

Castrol Tribol 290

Castrol Tribol 290 Conveyor Lubricant is a synthetic fluid for lubricating
conveyor chains and open trolley wheel bearings in the automotive and metal
decorating industries. 290 is designed for service including cathodic
electrodeposition (e-coat), painting, and high temperature drying and curing.
The following performance characteristics are emphasized in the formulation of


Castrol Tribol 290 Conveyor Lubricant.

  • Compatibility with most water-based paints and coatings including waterbased
    cathodic dip coatings — to prevent cratering and surface disruption.
  • Low volatility — to retain fluid-film in ovens and reduce the need for frequent
  • Excellent wetting and adhesive properties — for fast, thorough penetration to
    load zones and minimal tendency to drip.
  • Antiwear and extreme pressure (EP) characteristics — to significantly extend
    the useful life of the chain.

Castrol Tribol 290 Conveyor Lubricant is part of Castrol Performance
Lubricants’ Eco-Solutions product offering. Formulated to address
environmental concerns, it is free of lead, chlorinated solvents, and barium.


Castrol Tribol 290 Conveyor Lubricant is a blend of select, water soluble,
synthetic fluids known for their natural lubricating ability. The base fluids are
selected for favorable volatility characteristics and chemical and thermal stability
(very high viscosity index).
An advanced additive system provides additional antiwear and extreme
pressure characteristics under boundary conditions for protection from surging
loads and very high oven temperatures. Inhibitors further enhance the naturally
high resistance to oxidation of the synthetic base.
Castrol Tribol 290 Conveyor Lubricant is a clear fluid with a light yellow tint.
At high temperatures, 290 tends to volatilize slowly rather than «cook» to
carbonaceous debris which could contaminate coatings, soil finished goods, or
even present a potential fire hazard.


Use Castrol Tribol 290 Conveyor Lubricant to lubricate any chain and open trolley bearings where compatibility with water-based paints and coatings is critical. Castrol Tribol 290 Conveyor Lubricant is usually recommended for oven temperatures from 150°C (302°F) to 220°C (428°F). At elevated temperatures, reapply more frequently rather than increase the amount applied. Castrol Tribol 290 Conveyor Lubricant is most suitable for automotive production lines, which usually include cathodic electrodeposition, water-based painting (coating), then drying and curing in an oven. Typically these operations include immersing parts into baths from moving overhead conveyors. Contamination from dripping lubricant is always a threat to production and process baths. Should Castrol Tribol 290 Conveyor Lubricant ever drip into a water base process bath, it would dissolve and disperse preventing accumulation and the disruption of coatings or electrodepositions.


Compatibility with the e-coat process and most water-based paints eliminates lubricant-related «fish eyes» and craters, reducing rework and refinishing costs. Low volatility allows reduced application/consumption, and reduces the potential for contamination from drip or fling-off, and the costs relating to soiled merchandise. Reduction in friction and wear relate to cost savings in power consumption as well as conveyor downtime, repair and replacement.


Castrol Tribol 290 Conveyor Lubricant is NOT compatible with mineral (petroleum) base lubricants. When changing over to Castrol Tribol 290 Conveyor Lubricant from ANY other lubricant, clean automatic application systems thoroughly before adjusting delivery amounts and patterns. Phosphatizing and acid baths generally produce a highly corrosive atmosphere, which can cause corrosion of conveyor hardware. Where corrosion is already in progress, usually extraordinary means are required to suppress it. Equipment not already rusting is well protected by Castrol Tribol 290 Conveyor Lubricant. Corroding hardware should be precleaned and applications of any lubricant should not be minimized.
For specific terms, conditions, warranty and availability, refer to Castrol Performance Lubricants’ Price List in effect at time of purchase.






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