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Complex supplies for industrial companies

VNII NP- 210 grease

Lubrication VNIINP-210 — is a very soft black ointment with a blue tint. By its properties and composition, it occupies an intermediate position between unstructured pastes and plastic greases. Due to the thermal stability of the thickeners and the dispersion medium, the lubricant remains operable at temperatures of the order of 200-250 ° C, and for a short time (minutes or hours) and at 300-400 ° C. The antioxidant effect of the pigment, which improves the thermal stability of the polysiloxane liquid, has a definite value. VNIINP-210 grease is used in suspension and hinges with swinging motion of rubbing surfaces, as well as in heavily loaded low-speed sliding and rolling bearings. Apply this lubricant at high speeds is not appropriate, since the resource of its work is sharply reduced. At low speeds (up to 100 rpm) and 200 ° C, lubricants of the VNIINP-210 type remain operative for 2500 hours and longer.
High cost limits the distribution of heat-resistant grease VNIINP-210. The warranty period of storage in a container specified in the technical conditions — 2 years — is understated. Lubrication can be stored without deterioration of its quality for 10 years or more.


Name of indicators Vniirp — 210 grease

Norm according to GOST (TU)

 Penetration at 25°С , ×10-1mm


Viscosity at 0°С и 10с-1, Па·с, not more than


 Strength, Pa, at 20°С


Colloid stability,%, not more than






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