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Complex supplies for industrial companies

VNII NP-223 grease

Lubrication VNIINP-223 is a soft ointment of brown color. It has good low-temperature properties. Thanks to the production of synthetic oil — dioctyl sebacate — its volatility is low even at 150 ° C. VNIINP-223 lubricant is designed for use at speeds of up to 60,000 rpm, temperatures up to 150 ° C and pressures of the order of 10 Pa (0.1 mm Hg). In insufficiently sealed friction units, it should be applied up to 120 ° C.
Lubricants VNIINP-223 and VNIINP-228 were developed for gyroscopes, but they are also used in other qualified mechanisms. They lubricate thrust bearings, suspensions, ratchet wheels of devices, as well as precision ball bearings of high-speed spindles of machines at D * n up to 500,000 mm * rpm. The significant depressurization of the oil is explained by the features of the lubricant structure, and not by the bad colloidal stability. Complex sodium soap, included in its composition, is less soluble in water than conventional sodium soaps. However, the lubricant VNIINP-223 can not be considered water resistant. In an aqueous medium at 20 ° C, the lubricant forms a white coating, and at 100 ° C it is completely emulsified. But for gyroscopic lubricants, water resistance is not of fundamental importance.
The composition of instrument lubrication VNIINP-223 includes an antiwear additive. The additive is poisonous; so when handling grease, you must follow the precautionary measures (on the packaging must be the inscription «Toxic»).
VNIINP-223 lubricants are produced not only in accordance with the standard, but also in accordance with TU 38.101418-73. The composition and properties of lubricants produced in accordance with the standard and specifications are identical. In the technical conditions only some additional tests of lubrication are provided: the determination of penetration, syneresis and evaporation (according to the abolished GOST 2633). Since 1979, some of these tests, carried out using outdated methods, are replaced by more modern methods, which will virtually eliminate the differences in the requirements of the standard and technical conditions.


The name of lubrication indicators VNIINP-223

Norm according to GOST (TU)

Dropping point, ° С, not lower than


Penetration at 25 ° C, × 10-1mm


Viscosity at 0 ° С and 10с-1, Pa · s, not more than


Strength, Pa, at 20 ° С


Colloid stability,%, not more than





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