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Complex supplies for industrial companies
Complex supplies for industrial companies

Industrial oils Castrol

Catalog Castrol



Castrol anticorrosive agents

Castrol white oils

Castrol white petrolatum

Castrol high-temperature greases

Castrol high temperature chain oils

Castrol high-temperature special oils

Castrol hydraulic oils

Castrol hydraulic oils (Physiologically safe)

Castrol hydraulic oils HLP

Castrol hydraulic oils HLPD

Castrol hydraulic oils HVLP

Castrol hardening oils

Castrol compressor oils

Castrol Compressor Oils (Physiologically Safe)

Castrol greases

Castrol greases (Physiologically safe)

Castrol dielectric oils

Castrol oils for vacuum compressors

Castrol oil for slide guides

Castrol oils for pneumatic equipment (Physiologically safe)

Castrol oils for the textile industry

Castrol oil for turbines

Castrol oils for refrigeration equipment

Castrol chain oils

Castrol chain oils (Physiologically safe)

Castrol Oils for Circulation Systems

Castrol oil coolant

Castrol fireproof hydraulic oils

Castrol Cleaners

Castrol Paste

Castrol additives

Castrol gear oils

Castrol gear oils (Physiologically safe)

Castrol silicone greases in the form of waxes

Castrol silicone grease in the form of wax (high temperature)

Castrol special oil

Castrol special oil (Physiologically safe)

Castrol means for protection against corrosion and rust dissolution

Castrol suspension

Castrol lubricating cooling agents



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