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Complex supplies for industrial companies
Complex supplies for industrial companies

Castrol Optimol Longtime PD 1

Application area:

Castrol longtime pd 1 is a low-solids, semi-liquid, high-pressure grease that has a long service life and is used to lubricate the respective transmissions, gears and rolling bearings that have the required lubrication tank.
The combination of MICROFLUX TRANS® additives adapts to changing application conditions and perfectly prevents wear.

Advantages of Castrol longtime pd 1:

  • high susceptibility to pressure
  • a significant increase in the service life of the lubricant even at high loads
  • optimum wear protection
  • improvement of quality of working surfaces
  • elimination of existing surface damage
  • provide reliable protection against corrosion, prevents extensive frictional corrosion
  • due to excellent fluidity, the grease does not thicken and does not creep along the edges when the gears

Recommended for centralized lubrication systems retain water resistance in both cold and hot water

Instructions for use Castrol longtime pd 1:

Observe the instructions of the equipment manufacturers.
Do not corrode conventional sealing materials and parts made of non-ferrous metals





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