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Complex supplies for industrial companies

Castrol Optitemp®PU 35/4


Castrol Optitemp®PU 035/4 is a special grease for ball CV joints for lateral and
longitudinal shaft applications, subjected to extreme thermal and mechanical
loads. This product can be used in universal applications for different types of
joints due to its excellent low and high-temperature behavior. By virtue of its
optimum oil separating properties it is also suited for joints which cannot be
sealed properly due to technical reasons.


· Universal application in all kinds of joints
· Use in joints which cannot be sealed properly
· Also for the lubrication of shift linkages
· Temperature range: — 35°C/- 31°F to 160°C/320°F


· Optitec® — Optimol technology
· No decline of performance even at high component temperatures
· Excellent low-temperature behavior
· High load carrying capacity
· Reduces friction and wear
· Non-aging and shear-stable
· Extremely low oil separation
· Castrol Optitemp® PU 035/4 complies with the requirements of VW TL 52 133 for high-temperature greases for CV joints

Notes for Use

· Castrol Optitemp® PU 035/4 is compatible with chloroprene rubber, CR (e.g.
Neopren®) and polyetherester rubber (e.g. Hytrel®).
· Mixing with other greases can lead to a decline in performance.
· Please observe the specifications of the automotive or joint manufacturers.





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