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Complex supplies for industrial companies
Complex supplies for industrial companies

Castrol Techniclean® S-CR


Castrol Techniclean® S-CR is a mildly alkaline, low foaming, liquid spray wash cleaner designed for use in batch spray washers, tunnel washers and intensive flood washers. Castrol Techniclean® S-CR is designed for use on a wide range of metals in production engineering applications. Castrol Techniclean® S-CR is especially formulated for use with wash systems which have equipment for the separation of oil contaminants from the cleaning solutions.


Castrol Techniclean® S-CR is suitable for removal of swarf, particulate soils and soluble coolant from metal components in the field of production engineering. Castrol Techniclean® S-CR provides short-term interoperational corrosion protection and contains an oil splitting package which allows separation of oil from coolant carry over, thus improving cleanliness in the wash process and
extending bath life.

Benefits and Qualities

  • Suitable for use with all ferrous metals and aluminium alloys and yellow metals.
  • Provides short-term inter-operational corrosion protection.
  • Low foaming performance at all temperatures.
  • Excellent oil separation even with high levels of coolant contamination.
  • Long bath life, providing resistance against attack from micro-organisms.
  • Good low temperature performance, can be used at ambient temperatures.





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