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Complex supplies for industrial companies
Complex supplies for industrial companies


Enamel KO-174 (paint for the facades of buildings made of silicate and ceramic bricks and painting of concrete, metal and galvanized surfaces)


Enamel KO-174 is a suspension of pigments and fillers in a silicone resin with the targeted additives.


— for protective and decorative finishing of silicate and ceramic brick facades of buildings, socle and foundation of the house;
— for painting concrete, asbestos cement surfaces;
— for painting of metal and galvanized surfaces.


— Enamel KO-174 — heat, weather and water resistant;

— Paint is superior to domestic analogues in terms of drying time;

— has a high adhesion to building materials;

— the enamel is resistant to solar radiation;

— applied over a wide range of temperatures: from — 40 to +40 deg. FROM;

— Enamel can be used in areas of the Far North, as well as in areas with hot and humid climates;

— enamel KO-174 forms a matte coating of increased hardness and durability;

— Coatings with enamel KO-174 are characterized by resistance to salt fog;

— Coatings with enamel KO-174 are stable at temperatures up to 150 deg. FROM;

— before applying enamel KO-174 the surface does not require preliminary priming.

— dilute with toluene, ortoxylol or solvent 646.

— the warranty period of storage of enamel in the manufacturer’s packaging — 6 months from the date of manufacture.





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