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Complex supplies for industrial companies
Complex supplies for industrial companies

Rustilo®DWX 8


Castrol Rustilo® DWX 8 is a light straw coloured volatile solvent containing
specially blend surfactants functioning as a dewatering fluid / drying agent. It is
used for the rapid removal of water residues from steel components.

Recommended Applications

  • Drying of surfaces in which rapid removal of water is desirable.
  • Drying of plated surfaces, optical lenses etc.
  • deal for drying articles that cannot be subjected to heat and which will besubsequently painted or protected by some means other than the application of a temporary corrosion preventive.


Castrol Rustilo® DWX 8 should not be used on copper and zinc materials as tarnishing may occur. It is designed exclusively for highly effective performance on steels.

Method Of Use

Castrol Rustilo® DWX 8 is best in dip applications. Some agitation and rotation should be given to immersed articles to be dewatered. Excessive agitation should be avoided to enable displaced water to separate quickly. Depending upon the process, it may be advantageous to skim the oil surface before removing dipped articles to avoid any possible re-deposition of waterdroplets at the solvent / air interface.





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