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Complex supplies for industrial companies
Complex supplies for industrial companies

Tubes of PVC for oil T-31, 33, 36

The purpose of the tubes, depending on the properties:

  • Tubes brand AT — antifreeze (resistant to the action of coolant: antifreeze, antifreeze);
  • Pipes of grade B are petrol-resistant, resistant to gasoline and diesel fuel used in the manufacture of low-pressure fuel lines for cars and tractors and are operated in the temperature range from -40 to +70 ° C;
  • Tubes of grade B are water resistant, they are used in the manufacture of glass washing systems in cars.


Tubes are elastic, durable, reusable for installation, do not cause corrosion of non-ferrous metals based on copper, aluminum, steel with coating of varnish-and-paint materials.


Name of indicator Plastic grade
Appearance The surface of the tube must be glossy or matte. Traces from the shaping equipment in the form of longitudinal scales are allowed, the influx caused by the manufacturing method, the presence of transparent points (fish eyes) and small inclusions
Inside diameter, mm 3.0 to 30.0
Wall thickness, mm 1.5 to 3.5
Resistance to the action of gasoline and diesel fuel. Weight change,%, not more than +/-2,5  — —  — —
Elasticity (resistance to bend at 180 degrees at minus (40 +/- 2) degrees Celsius There should be no cracks in the inflection point. It is allowed to whiten at the inflection point
Water absorption,%, not more than  — — 0,8  — —
Resistance to the action of cooling liquids. Change in mass,%, not more than  —  — +/-3,5


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