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Complex supplies for industrial companies
Complex supplies for industrial companies

VNII NP-6 grease

VNIINP-6 oil (TU 38 001168-79) is used to lubricate high-speed and sensitive ball bearings at a temperature of -40 … + 100 ° C, as well as to reduce and stabilize friction, corrosion protection in ball bearings, gears, cam pairs and other Knots of sliding, and also for landing and unprotected surfaces of details in the precision devices filled with air or nitrogen. Warranty period of storage of oil in the manufacturer’s container: 2 years


The name of the indicator The norm according to GOST (TU)
Appearance transparent yellow-pink liquid with a violet hue
Kinematic viscosity, mm2 / s:
at 100 ° С, not less than
at 50 ° С, not less than
at -40 ° С, not more than 1800
Temperature, ° С:
flares in an open crucible, not lower than
congealing, not higher
Acid number, mg КОН / g, not more than 0,1
Evaporation,%, no more than
Corrosion on plates of brass L-62 and steel KhSh-15 at a temperature of 150 ° C for 50 hours, kg / m3 absence
Water content absence
The content of mechanical impurities отсутствие
The content of mechanical impurities, determined by means of the number chamber, the presence of particles with a diameter of more than 0.01 mm absence
Content of water-soluble acids and alkalis,% absence
Density at 20 ° С, kg / m3





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