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Complex supplies for industrial companies
Complex supplies for industrial companies

Water-soluble copolymers

Drilling reagent acrylic diluent OLD-04A

Superabsorbent Mars-04


Water-soluble and water-swelling (meth) acrylic (co) polymers are of great practical importance due to the combination of valuable properties of acrylates with the possibility of using non-toxic, fire-hazardous solvents that meet modern environmental requirements.


(Co) polymers obtained by solution polymerization are mainly produced, mainly produced in the form of 25-40% aqueous solutions used as sizing agents, deflocculants of drilling fluids in the oil and gas industry.


Copolymers obtained by suspension polymerization in organic solvents or by polymerization of highly concentrated aqueous solutions have a particle size of up to 100-200 μm or more. Similarly, super-hydrophilic polymers, superabsorbents, are widely used in agriculture, medicine and other industries.
It should be noted that the creation of water-soluble and water-swelling (co) polymers is currently the most developing direction, which is due to environmental safety and the industry’s desire to switch to their use.





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