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Complex supplies for industrial companies
Complex supplies for industrial companies

Adhesion additive in bitumen DOROS-AP

It is made since 1997. In recent years considerably quality of an additive of «DOROS-AP» and its environmental friendliness, thanks to new components of raw materials and to introduction of new technology of its production improved. The dosage of «DOROS-AP» is 2-3 times less in comparison with «early», allegedly similar products. Depending on quality of bitumen and stone material for their 95-100% coupling it is required from 0,3% of an additive of the mass of bitumen. Differs in high efficiency and heat stability, both for sour, and for the main breeds. Bitumen with an additive of «DOROS-AP» at 163 degrees practically doesn’t lose adhesion within 4 days. Warming up of bitumen in the presence of this additive leads to a smaller deviation of its properties from initial in comparison with warming up without additive.

The additive of «DOROS-AP» in hundreds of tons during the season is used by a huge number of the road organizations by production of the hot asphalt concrete, black crushed stone bituminous and polymeric knitting for modification of bitumen at the device of surface treatments, etc.

The additive is recommended the MINISTRY OF TRANSPORT OF THE RUSSIAN FEDERATION construction and repair of roads (the order of the Deputy minister O. V. Skvortsov No. OS-358-r of 28.04.2003)

«DOROS-AP» keeps the properties at storage in the closed barrels within several years.

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