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Complex supplies for industrial companies


TU No. 9392-442-00208947-2005


A new disinfectant for use in medicine, disinfection of premises, utensils, linen, public and autonomous toilets.


Description: Transparent yellow liquid


Purpose: disinfection of surfaces in rooms, surfaces of instruments, apparatus, hard furniture, sanitary equipment, cleaning equipment, rubber mats, footwear made from rubbers, plastics and other polymeric materials, care products, personal care products, toys, linen, dishes , objects for washing dishes; garbage collection; transport for the transport of food products disinfection of the contents of collection tanks of autonomous toilets that do not have a diversion into the sewage system; general cleaning.


Areas of application: medical institutions, infectious foci, public utilities (hotels, dormitories, hairdressers, baths, saunas, laundries, public catering establishments, public toilets, autonomous toilets), markets, education, culture, recreation, sports (swimming pools, sports and cultural and recreational facilities, cinemas, offices, etc.), social security institutions, penitentiary and children’s institutions.


Activity: the agent has bactericidal, tuberculocidal and fungicidal activity. The product is not compatible with soaps and synthetic detergents.


Composition: a mixture of quaternary ammonium compounds (HRC) — 14.5% (including a new disinfecting substance, Alkacetam).


Packing: PET bottles with a volume of 1 liter and a PET canister with a capacity of 5 liters.

The method of application and precautions are detailed in:


«Instructions N 3 on the use of the disinfectant» Alkatcenam-M «(FSUE» Research Institute of Polymers «, Russia) in medical and preventive institutions and infectious foci»
«Instructions No. 4 for the use of the disinfectant Alkacetam-M» (FSUE «Research Institute of Polymers», Russia) for the purposes of disinfection at public service enterprises, in educational, cultural, sports, social welfare institutions, in penitentiary and children’s institutions, »
«Instructions N 5 on the use of the disinfectant» Alkatcenam-M «(FSUE» Research Institute of Polymers «, Russia) for the disinfection of the contents of tanks in mobile toilet cabins.»
Alkacetam®-M is non-toxic, does not have a sharp odor, and in working concentrations it does not irritate the skin of the hands and mucous membranes of the upper respiratory tract and eyes. It combines the disinfecting, washing and deodorizing properties.

Shelf life of the drug is 3 years.

The product is certified





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