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Complex supplies for industrial companies

Castrol Hyspin DHV 46


Castrol Hyspin DHV 46 is a high quality product based on mineral oil, that guarantees a high function and operational safety. The capabilities of this high VI hydraulic oil exceeds the requirements of DIN 51524-3 for HVLP-D oils. The excellent viscosity temperature performance of this oil is its special quality characteristic.
With an optimal operational viscosity over a wide temperature range, this hydraulic oil is guaranteed to maintain its high performance even at very low temperatures. The high viscosity index gives Hyspin DHV 46 multiple characteristics, and makes it possible to cover with quality in several viscosity classes. In addition it has a good corrosion prevention, excellent ageing stability and reaches an outstanding wearing protection with a high measure of efficiency.


Castrol Hyspin DHV 46 is usable for all hydraulic systems that need precise control, in large variations of temperature, as long as no special precision oils are required by the systems manufacturer.
This product is recommended for the use on, heavy duty construction equipment, hydraulic systems on utility vehicles, production presses, auxiliary engines, numerically controlled machine tools and conveyors.Castrol Hyspin DHV 46 and the Castrol logo are trademarks of Castrol Limited, used under licence.
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