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Complex supplies for industrial companies

Castrol Ilocut® 5770


Castrol Ilocut 5770 uses Castrol’s chlorine replacement technology to provide a heavy duty, medium-heavy viscosity, dual-purpose cutting oil for machining and grinding of stainless steels, the difficult-to-machine high alloy steels, copper alloys and the specialty high-strength alloys. This clear, red, chlorine replacement oil features high levels of extreme pressure and boundary lubricity, making it especially effective for broaching, gear hobbing, shaping and shaving, and for combination operations on turret lathes and automatics. It can even be used for cold heading upsetting operations. It is also recommended for form grinding, especially crush-form grinding of stainless and tool steels. Excellent wetting properties keep hard, fine-grain grinding wheels open and free-cutting, promoting economical grinding ratios and fine finishes. Ilocut 5770 is a good choice for use with CBN (Borazon) grinding wheels operating at high wheel speeds. Ilocut 5770 is a nonstaining oil recommended for use as a dual-purpose oil in screw machines, bar automatics and other machine tools that require a single oil to serve as both machine lubricant and cutting oil. Finished parts are easily cleaned by vapor degreasing, solvent wash or conventional alkaline cleaners.


• Broaching

• Centerless grinding

• Cold heading

• Form grinding

• Gear making

• Honing

• Tapping

• Threading

Castrol Ilocut 5770 is a dual-purpose fluid that can also be used as a hydraulic fluid.


• Chlorine replacement oil for cost savings in recycling or disposal.

• Heavy-duty performance for extended tool life, fine finishes and economical performance.

• High level boundary lubricity for low-clearance tooling and form grinding.

• Nonstaining to copper, brass, aluminum and ferrous alloys.

• The right viscosity for machine tool gear boxes and general lubrication.

• Suitable for use as a stamping and metal forming oil for steel and stainless steels.





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