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Complex supplies for industrial companies
Complex supplies for industrial companies

Castrol Magna

Castrol Magna® oils are recommended for machine tools that rely on sliding ways for precision and accuracy in machine operations. These oils have been fortified with selected oiliness and extreme pressure additives, along with a special component that imparts tackiness and adhesiveness. Castrol Magna® oils are formulated with high viscosity index, severely solvent-refined or severely hydrotreated base oils for health, safety and performance. These additives provide smooth stick-slip-free performance. Thus, Castrol Magna® oils deliver smooth operation under normal and severe operating conditions by reducing friction, providing extreme pressure protection and oxidation stability.

Key Performance Benefits

  • High lubricity prevents slick-slip of slide ways
  • Reduced wear provided by boundary lubrication during equipment shut downs
  • Nondripping formula allow oils to cling to vertical surfaces, providing continuous lubrication and a clean work environment
  • High viscosity index, to assure even performance across a wide range of temperatures
  • Certified to meet Cincinnati Milacron performance operating loads

Compatibility With Work Materials

Castrol Magna® oils are compatible with all oil-resistant seals, all metals oilresistant way surfaces. Consult your Castrol Sales Engineer for questions regarding compatibility.

Recommended Application

Castrol Magna® oils are designed to be used straight on many industrial applications. The oils are designed to provide smooth stick-slip-free performance on either horizontal or vertical slides and ways. Select the viscosity recommended by the equipment manufacturer. If the viscosity is too heavy it will cause hydrodynamic films to form, which will result in poor size control. If the viscosity is too low it will cause increased wear and erratic performance.





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