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Complex supplies for industrial companies
Complex supplies for industrial companies

Castrol Obeen UF 0

Application area:

Castrol obeen uf 0 and 00 — special grease of light natural color. It does not pose a health hazard and is registered for USDA H1. Therefore, obeen uf 0 is very suitable for use in the food, flavor, as well as in the pharmaceutical industry, where there is a risk of direct contact with the product or its packaging.

Areas of application:

Castrol OBEEN UF 000 is used:
in centralized lubrication systems
in filling machines for yogurt, in packaging machines for fast food products, in equipment used in cheese making (for example, in tilting machines).

Castrol OBEEN UF 00 and 0 are used:
in grease lubricated transmissions and gear motors in centralized lubrication systems, similar to those used in bottling plants, packing stations, machines for the production of cardboard packaging.

Castrol OBEEN UF 1, 2 and 3 are used as a grease in drain valves, rolling and sliding bearings and as a sealing lubricant for filling machines, glass container washing equipment, labeling and bottling of bottles, for hobs and cyclones.

Castrol OBEEN UF 2 ensures easy operation when the drain valves are working.

Castrol OBEEN UF 3 is steadfast and particularly well suited for use in the non-alcoholic beverage industry, where pipelines are cleaned and sterilized by steam.
Advantages of obeen uf 0:

OPTITEC® technology does not pose a threat to human health (registered in USDA H1) is a colorless grease, has no taste and smell retains water resistance both in cold and hot water has very good pumpability has excellent anticorrosion properties OBEEN UF 3 is resistant to steam temperature range of use:
Castrol OBEEN UF 000, 00, 0 from — 40 ° C to + 140 ° C
Castrol OBEEN UF 1, 2, 3 from -30 ° C to + 140 ° C

Directions for use:

Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for lubrication.
Lubricant Castrol OBEEN UF 3 can be supplied as a spray (article number 09533); registered for USDA H1.





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