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Complex supplies for industrial companies
Complex supplies for industrial companies


Application area:

Castrol olista longtime 1, 2, 3, 3EP — free of solids, very sticky greases, thickened with lithium soaps. They are best suited for long-term lubrication, as well as lubrication under heavy mechanical loads (pressure, vibration, impulse loads).

For long-term lubrication of equipment without the involvement of maintenance personnel.
Effective in adverse weather conditions, with high humidity, dust, with increased vibration and impulse loads, while working under high pressure.
In rolling and sliding bearings, operating under heavy load.
In open gears and worm gears with a low rotation speed.
OLISTA LONGTIME 3 EP grease is used for lubrication of the most loaded bearing areas in all industries.
OLISTA LONGTIME 3 is very well suited for lubricating wheel bearings (tapered roller bearings).


They allow to reduce the running-in period, they are adapted for lubrication throughout the life of the equipment
provide an unprecedented improvement in the quality of the working surfaces
have a high susceptibility to pressure
Optimum protection against wear during heavy load operation
allow to eliminate existing damage to lubricated surfaces
provide reliable protection against corrosion, prevent extensive friction corrosion
significantly reduce friction
They are resistant to aging and excellent lubrication resistance
retain water resistance in both cold and hot water
They have exceptional stickiness, protect them from contamination and water ingress
increase the life of equipment
reduce energy costs, as well as costs for maintenance of equipment and disposal of used lubricants.
temperature range of application: from -30о С to + 140о С (NLGI-class 1 and 2);
from -25 ° C to + 140 ° C (NLGI-class 3)

Directions for use:

Do not corrode conventional sealing materials and parts made of non-ferrous metals. It is necessary to lubricate the rolling bearings and fill them with grease only up to half. When relubricating, rub the grease until the area is completely covered with a new layer.
Observe the requirements of the manufacturers of rolling bearings.





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