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Complex supplies for industrial companies
Complex supplies for industrial companies

Castrol optileb gt 100/220/460/680


Transmission gear oil Castrol Optileb gt, registered for USDA H1, developed specifically for the food and flavor industry. The gear oil of the GT series is based on synthetic oils and contains carefully selected additives that prevent wear, oxidation and corrosion. Transmission oils optileb gt 100 satisfy and even exceed the requirements for CLP transmission oils in accordance with DIN 51517 part 3.


— For the food industry in cases where there is a risk of direct contact with the product or its packaging.
— In cylindrical gears, angular and worm gears.
— In gear motors, stirrers, tipping machines, packing machines, etc.
— In the chain variators.
— In rolling and sliding bearings.
— In pumps and closed circulation circuits


— OPTITEC technology is used in production
— do not pose a threat to human health (registered in USDA H1)
— colorless, have no taste and smell
— have a high susceptibility to pressure
— provide excellent protection against wear, oxidation and corrosion
— have good water resistance
— do not foam
— do not affect the parts from non-ferrous metals
— have excellent viscosity and temperature properties
— compatible with mineral oils
— are recycled in the same way as mineral oil

Directions for use

— Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for viscosity.
— These oils do not corrode the usual sealing materials.
— Since optileb gt 100 oils are compatible with mineral oils, there is no need to clean and rinse the lubrication points when switching to OPTIMOL OPTILEB GT oils.





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