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Complex supplies for industrial companies

Castrol Optimol®Paste White T

Castrol Optimol Paste White T — white paste for clean assembly work, prevents fretting corrosion (false brinelling). Tight fitting components may be disassembled without any difficulties even after many years of operation. Castrol Optimol Paste White T is excellently suited for all assembly work and for base thin-film lubrication in all engineering areas. Castrol Optimol Paste White T is also available as a spray.


  • inhibits fretting corrosion and false brinelling
  • clean handling
  • facilitates assembly and disassembly
  • good separating effect for all types of contact
  • resistant to cold and hot water
  • excellent rust protection even in salt water
  • white, almost colorless in thin layers
  • easy application (spray-without CFC)
  • temperature application range: -30°C/-22°F to +250°C/+482F
  • USDA-H2 approval


  • Assembly paste with universal application range due to its clean handling and long-term separating and lubricating effect. Superior to black assembly lubricants in performance tests for a variety of applications.
  • Prevents fretting corrosion on bearing seals, spline shafts, torque loaded connections.
  • Castrol Optimol Paste White T is a reliable solution for machines exposed to frictional vibrations.
  • Tight-fitting components subjected to vibrations.
  • Excellent results as these connections are extremely vulnerable to fretting corrosion.
  • Avoidance of squeaking noises
  • Successful lubrication of hydraulic cylinders
  • Good separation when used on gaskets or seals on flange connections.


Clean surface before application Apply even layer of Castrol Optimol Paste White T with a brush or lint free cloth. Shake Castrol Optimol Paste White T spray well before use. Spray thin and even layer of lubricant on to lubricating surface.


Castrol Optimol Paste White T is only suitable for paste-specific applications and cannot replace oil or grease lubrication. Do not mix with other greases, pastes or oils.





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