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Complex supplies for industrial companies
Complex supplies for industrial companies



The Castrol Perfecto HT series are based on mineral oils, selected for their high thermal stability.


These oils are primarily intended for use in enclosed and sealed systems. They also have applications, at lower maximum temperatures, in systems open to the air.
It is now customary to design heat transfer systems for operation under turbulent flow conditions in the heat exchanger unit, since very high rates of heat transfer can then be obtained. This necessitates the use of a relatively low viscosity fluid : Castrol Perfecto HT 5 is the usual recommendation for this purpose.
Castrol Perfecto HT 12 and HT 32 are for use when a high viscosity oil is specifically required.



Sealed Systems
Oxidation resistance is not involved.


Enclosed Systems
Oxidation by air must be minimised. In the usual lay-out of heat transfer equipment the only oil/air
interface is in the oil header tank, where the oil is relatively cool and the area of the exposed oil surface is limited: in addition, inert gas blanketing is often used. Although the inherent oxidation stability of these oils is high, it should be realised that the working life of the oil depends to a considerable extent on the effectiveness of the measures taken to exclude air.


Open Systems
Because of the effect of oxidation, the life of any mineral oil in an open system declines rapidly at
temperatures beyond the region of 100oC. Therefore, a reduced service life must be expected for these oils at higher temperatures in open systems.


THERMAL STABILITY (in enclosed systems)
Whilst the maximum bulk temperature is 300oC, (except for Perfecto HT 5 which can be increased to
320oC when used in modern systems under carefully controlled conditions) care should be taken to
avoid film temperatures in excess of 340oC.





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