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Complex supplies for industrial companies

Castrol Rustilo DWX 32


Castrol Rustilo™ DWX 32 is a powerful solvent deposited corrosion preventive with good dewatering properties. The solvent, after evaporation, leaves a firm greasy protective film.


Rustilo DWX 32 is a medium to long term protective for use in severe conditions where a high degree of protection is required. It is ideal for protection of machine tools and components prior to storage or transportation. The product also shows good water displacing properties.
Although Rustilo DWX 32 can be applied by brushing or spraying, its dewatering action is most effective if the articles to be protected can be immersed in a dip tank.


• Forms an even and robust film.
• Stable film characteristics reduce run-off loss and thus increase process reliability.
• Fingerprint suppressant.
• Good water displacing and penetrating properties.
• High stability against acidic and alkaline contaminations.
• Long bath-lifetimes possible.
• Economical in application.

Additional Information

  • The claims on film thickness and consumption are average values. These are valid for smooth surfaces with good drain-off characteristics and simple geometries without holes or recesses.
  • Average drying time is the time until the majority of the solvent is evaporated at ambient temperature and a relative humidity of 60 – 70%. The full corrosion protection will just be provided when the solvent is completely evaporated.
  • «Indoor storage” describes the storage of ferrous components in closed store-rooms having a relative humidity of 60%. Increased protection times could be achieved when treating finished surfaces or store the parts in a sealed pack.
  • «Outdoor storage” describes open storage, which assumes primary protection from the elements by tarpaulin or other form of cover.
  • Influence of temperature may cause some cloudiness, which is reversible and doesn’t have an impact on product quality.
  • If required protective films of Rustilo DWX 32 can easily be removed by using a petroleum solvent or alkaline process cleaner, all available from Castrol.





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