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Complex supplies for industrial companies



Castrol Syntilo 26 is biostable, nitrite- and phenol-free synthetic water-soluble solution, possessing excellent anticorrosion properties. Solution colour is blue/green.


Castrol Syntilo 26 has been specifically formulated for use as a tubemill coolant, where low foam properties and no oil are a prerequisite such as in stainless steel tube mills.


Stainless steel tube mill: v\v 4% — 6%


If make-up water is from mains, monitoring of hardness and chlorides is extremely important. As the latter increase it may be necessary to increase the concentration in order to compensate for the above. Castrol Syntilo 26 offers excellent resistance to all types of corrosion including electrolytic corrosion caused by ironcopper or iron-aluminium combinations.


Store indoors and away from elements such as frost.


• Ensures no costly rejects as a result of corrosion.
• Ensures translucency of product is maintained in continued service.
• Cleaner, safer working environment (improved safety).
• Skin irritation – Castrol Syntilo 26 is formulated from substances having an absolutely minimal effect on the skin.
• Unpleasant Smells – virtually odourless. There is no risk of “Monday morning smell”. Through the long service life of the solution – up to three times that of conventional fluids.
• The long life of the solution means that disposal costs are drastically reduced, machine downtime with consequent loss of production and costly MAN-hours for cleaning can be cut by 60 % or more, and the environment benefits accordingly.
• Forms a fine solution resulting in reduced drag-out and a decrease in product usage.
• Castrol Syntilo 26 is truly biostable. This means that although a certain bacteria population will build up, it rapidly stabilizes at a harmless level. The solution remains sweet, pH levels are steady, and the life expectation
• of the solution is greatly increased.
• It is particularly suited to those areas with hard water (typicallyover 200 ppm as CaCO3).
• Equally suited to both central and individual systems, ensuring rapid swarf settling properties and complete
• acceptability and safety in use.
• Designed to reject tramp oil, consequently allowing for easy skimming of tramp oil build-ups.
• Superior Corrosion Inhibitor.
• No mineral oil in make-up formulation.
• Bacterial Infections.






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