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Complex supplies for industrial companies
Complex supplies for industrial companies

Castrol Syntilo 9918


Castrol Syntilo 9918 is an oil-rejecting synthetic cutting and grinding fluid for
ferrous and non-ferrous metals. It provides pure machining performance in
severe operations such as threading. Castrol Syntilo 9918 produces minimal
mist and generates little fluid carry out, resulting in longer turnover rates and
low product usage. It is ideal for the variety of metals found in general
machining. Castrol Syntilo 9918 has a neutral pH making it safe to use on
aerospace alloys.

Performance Benefits

  • Versatile fluid that can be used for a wide range of applications on various
  • Neutral pH protects aluminum and other aerospace alloys and promotes
    strong operator acceptance
  • Low foaming in all water conditions
  • Inhibits microbial growth to extend fluid life in central systems and individual
  • Stable fluid suitable for a wide range of water conditions
  • Rejects tramp oils to the surface of the fluid for easy skimming
  • Settles chips quickly to maintain a clean working environment

Metal Safety

Castrol Syntilo 9918 is recommended for machining and grinding of ferrous
and non-ferrous alloys. Consult your Castrol Account Manager for questions
regarding compatibility.

Recommended Applications & Dilutions

Grinding: 3 – 6%
Machining: 4 – 10%

Typical Characteristics

Appearance of concentrate: Clear yellow/amber fluid
Appearance of dilution: Transparent fluid
pH of dilution @ 5%: 7.4 – 7.8
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Specific gravity @ 60o
F (16o
C): 1.06 – 1.08
Bulk density (lbs/gal): 8.9
Chlorine: No





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