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Complex supplies for industrial companies
Complex supplies for industrial companies

Castrol Syntilo® R Plus


In today’s world, more and more concern is being shown towards man’s effect on his environment. As a result, many of the ‘conventional’ materials used in the manufacture of soluble metalworking fluids have fallen into disfavour.
Castrol Syntilo® R Plus reflects Castrol’s awareness of the need to protect not only the environment, but also those people exposed to constant or regular contact with cutting fluids. It is safe, pleasant to use, and has exceptionally long service life. It contains no nitrites or phenols, and their safety has been thoroughly checked by independent authorities.

Performance Benefits

  • Improved operator acceptance and safety.
  • Improved emulsion life.
  • Improved tool life.
  • Reduced maintenance costs (less down time and cleaning-out time).
  • Easier disposal of spent emulsion.
  • Wide application.

Recommended Applications & Dilution

Castrol Syntilo® R Plus can be applied to virtually all metals over a wide range
of machining operations. Whilst it can be used on non-ferrous materials, it is at
its most effective when used on ferrous metals where its first class corrosion
resistance can be fully utilised. It is ideal for machine shops performing a
variety of operations.





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