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Complex supplies for industrial companies
Complex supplies for industrial companies

Castrol Techniclean AS 105


Castrol Techniclean™ AS 105 is a low odour, high flash point de-aromatised hydrocarbon solvent cleaner. It has excellent solvency power and is compatible with all metal substrates and most non-metal substrates.
Techniclean AS 105 is specifically recommended as an alternative to high volatile and chlorinated solvent cleaners.


Spray / Flood wash
Spray or flood wash application should be carried out in suitable low pressure cleaning equipment.
Soak Tank
Components should be fully immersed in neat product. Contact time depends on soil severity.
Ultrasonic Tank
Components should be fully immersed in neat product.
Wipe Method
Product should be applied neat via hand held spray or brush and the surface is then wiped to a clean finish.


• EC Solvent Directive (1999/13/EC): Solvent is not classified as a volatile organic compound (VOC) at 20ºC (68ºF)
• Excellent solvency power against animal, vegetable and mineral fats and oils and very low surface tension, allowing the fluid to penetrate into difficult to reach areas – improves parts cleanliness and reduces rework
• Based on a high flash point solvent with a low aromatic content – improves environment for workforce
•No waste water is produced and solvent can be recycled by distillation – highly effective and yet

User Advice

• May swell some rubber and plastics during long-term contact.
• Should not be used for cleaning live electrical equipment.
• The high flash point solvent supports compliance with the EC Solvent Directive (1999/13/EC). Please note, that its low volatility extends the drying time compared to conventional non-VOC compliant products.





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