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Complex supplies for industrial companies
Complex supplies for industrial companies

Castrol Techniclean MTC


Castrol Techniclean® MTC is a cleaner steriliser for machine tool coolant
systems and large centralised coolant systems.

Performance Benefits

  • Is a dual function product — an effective cleaner and steriliser
  • Highly concentrated — only a small quantity required
  • Suitable for treating both phenolic and non-phenolic emulsions contaminated with bacteria, tramp oil, sludge, swarf etc.
  • Has the ability to restore the pH level of emulsions
  • Harmless to the machine tool and does not promote rusting
  • Effective in killing sulphate fixing bacteria
  • Cleans and sterilises coolant systems ready for new charges of emulsions

Recommended Applications

Castrol Techniclean® MTC is suitable for single machine tools, flexible
manufacturing units, and transfer systems.

Method Of Use

Castrol Techniclean® MTC is added direct to the old coolant system prior to
discharge in order to clean and sterilise the system to be ready for the new
charge of soluble oil. A concentration of only 1% in the emulsion is normally
sufficient, can be used up to 2% if required.
The sterilising effect of Castrol Techniclean® MTC is fairly rapid. However the
cleaning action depends upon the time the system is allowed to circulate to
flush out the accumulated contaminants effectively. Conditions will vary, but as
a guide, for full effectiveness circulate under normal working conditions for at
least 8 hours.
After circulation, thoroughly drain the coolant system and re-charge with fresh
emulsion. If the system has been heavily contaminated, a short water rinse
prior to re-charging could assist.





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