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Complex supplies for industrial companies

Castrol Tribol 1555


CASTROL TRIBOL™ 1555 compressor oils were especially developed for oil lubricated  screw compressors. Theyexceed the requirements to be met by compressor oils (VDL) according to DIN 51506.
• CASTROL TRIBOL 1555 are manufactured from polyalphaolefins using advanced technology additive systems.
• CASTROL TRIBOL 1555 are available in the ISO viscosity grades 32, 46, 68 and 100.


• CASTROL TRIBOL 1555 may be used in all types of oil lubricated compressors such as screw-type, rotaryvane and turbo compressors.
• They may be used for the compression of air as well as inert gases and hydrocarbon gases.


• Extremely low tendency towards carbon deposits, longer life of valves and safer operating conditions as well as considerable decrease of fire and explosion hazards.
• Reduced maintenance costs are achieved through a considerable increase of service life and reduced downtime periods.
• Compatibility with virtually all seals and coating materials. No additional changeover cost through change of seals or hose connections. No changeover problems in cases where mineral oils were used previously. Because of higher coking tendency of mineral oils, it is however, recommended to remove mineral oil residues to fully utilize all benefits of CASTROL TRIBOL 1555.
• Increased oxidation stability and corrosion stability, increased life of lubricants and equipment.
• Excellent viscosity-temperature characteristics allow start-ups at lowest temperatures because of the adapted viscosity. Creates a sufficient lubricant film at high temperatures.
• Excellent wear protection even under extreme operating conditions (FZG scoring load stage > 10).
• The excellent air release properties and water separation abilities provide for higher operating efficiency.
• CASTROL TRIBOL 1555 oils exceed the requirements to be met by DIN 51506, VDL-HC oils.





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