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Complex supplies for industrial companies

Castrol TRIBOL 800/460

Application area:

Castrol Tribol 800/460 is a synthetic gear oil developed for the lubrication of heavily loaded gearboxes, cylinders and bearings that can be operated in a wide range of ambient temperatures (> 80 C / 176 F). Castrol Tribol 800/460 oil is designed to prolong the life of oil and parts of equipment that operate under extremely difficult operating conditions and high temperatures of the oil reservoir.

Castrol Tribol 800/460 oil is based on synthetic polyalkylene glycol oils. Having a polyalkylene glycol base, Castrol Tribol 800/460 has the following features: chemical and thermal stability, high viscosity index, soluble in water, and compatible with metals and elastomers widely used in engineering.
The natural high resistance to oxidation of the synthetic base oil is supplemented by inhibitors. Anticorrosive protection is very effective even in the presence of water. In addition, a package of highly effective additives is very effective in combination with high anti-wear characteristics and additives of Extreme Pressure (EP).

Castrol Tribol 800/460 oil is especially suitable for tanks and circulating systems when operating in high temperature environments. Castrol Tribol 800/460 is suitable for all types of heavily loaded gears, including cylindrical, conical and worm gearboxes.

Despite the fact that Castrol Tribol 800/460 oil is well suited for all types of gearboxes and bearings; Castrol Tribol 800/460 is most effective in reducing wear and friction between sliding surfaces. In addition, Castrol Tribol 800/460 oil has a high degree of closeness to alloys of bivalent copper.


Shear stability is a high viscosity index (VI) of the synthetic base oil, without the addition of viscosity modifiers (VI). When used, viscosity modifiers for shear stabilization, lowers the viscosity of the oil and critically reduces the protection of gearbox and bearing parts. Naturally high viscosity index (VI) Castrol Tribol 800/460 oil, provides full protection of components in a wide range of operating temperatures, speeds and load conditions.
Long service life, prolongs oil change intervals due to natural aging and oxidation resistance of synthetic base oil. The advanced technologies used in the production of Castrol Tribol 800/460 oils give it anti-friction, anti-wear properties that significantly reduce the local operating temperatures on the teeth of gearboxes or bearing surfaces coming into contact.
More protection for components during maintenance periods. Castrol Tribol 800/460 oil significantly exceeds the capabilities of conventional mineral oils, due to the use of EP additives.
Wear resistance in conditions of extreme temperature fluctuations and high loads.
High efficiency and low oil temperature, especially in worm gearboxes.
High corrosion protection of guiding and steel surfaces with the help of special additive packages, even in the presence of water.
Compatibility with non-ferrous metals on the basis of clearly formulated synergistic additives.
Potential energy savings due to a lower coefficient of friction.
Reduced operating costs as a result of a significant increase in the life of the oil.

Safety of use:

Castrol Tribol 800/460 Synthetic gear oil, soluble in water, so leaks can be washed with water. Castrol Tribol 800/460 is not compatible with mineral based lubricants. The water condensate can be mixed without the risk of corrosion or change in viscosity. It is advisable to flush the system when changing or switching to Castrol Tribol 800/460 oil. To achieve the duration of replacement cycles and obtain economic benefits, the systems must be free from contamination.





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