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Complex supplies for industrial companies
Complex supplies for industrial companies

Castrol Viscogen ® KL

Special synthetic oils designed for high temperature lubrication in severe environments, where the use of mineral oils or conventional synthetic oils would result in excessive wear,carbonization and residue formation.
Viscogen KL oils are thermally stable and have excellent low-temperature flow characteristics,rendering them suitable for serving in a wide range of environments.
Viscogen KL base fluids are selected to form exceptionally adherent, transparent,and odorless lubricating films. Through low surfacetension they exhibit extraordinary penetrability into tight clearances (such as between chain rollers and side plates). An additive system free of solids, metals or silicone further enhances extreme load-carrying capability and exceptionalwear prevention. These oils can also be used for high temperature gear and bearing lubrication.


  • Extremely low evaporation rate, low residue formation and low smokegeneration at high temperatures.
  • Continuous service over 200°C/392°F, intermittent service up to 250°C/482°F
  • Exceptional adhesion gives reduced lubricant consumption withvirtually no dripping
  • Outstanding load carrying ability under severe mechanical loads andhigh temperatures
  • Excellent penetration on chains and wire rope strands
  • Odorless, transparent and colorless in thin films
  • Excellent rust protection, extraordinary aging and oxidation resistance
  • Resistant to hot and cold water wash
  • Retains viscosity at hightemperatures (high VI)
  • Compatible and fully miscible with mineral oil
  • All grades are acceptable to USDA for H2 service (for use where thereis no possibility of food contact)


Castrol Viscogen KL3 and Viscogen KL 9 for chains in deep freezeoperations, bakery andcigarette wrapping machines,painting lines,underfloor chains, chains that can be lubricated with very thin oils and chains operating in dusty environment (textile “fly” lint).





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