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Complex supplies for industrial companies

Enamel KHS-567

The main purpose of the KHS-567 varnish is to provide temporary protection from dirt and dust of wooden and plastic surfaces during assembly and installation or during interoperational storage of products operated under a canopy or in an open atmosphere. Also, varnish is widely used for temporary protection of metal surfaces that are lacquered. KHS-567 belongs to the category of paint based on copolymers of vinyl chloride.

Normative documents TU 2313-135-05034239-2000

Application of varnish:

Before applying the KHS-567, the surface is cleaned of debris, degreased, drained. The varnish is stirred to a homogeneous consistency, if necessary diluted with solvents to the desired level of working viscosity. Apply the varnish at a temperature of 5 to 30C and humidity not more than 80% by pneumatic spraying or by dipping. It is possible to apply both one and two or three layers of lacquer. The consumption depends on the method and conditions of application. According to GOST 19007-73, the coating dries 3 hours before grade 3 at 20 ° C. In a temperate climate, the varnish retains its protective properties throughout the year.

Material properties of KHS-567, technical specifications

Colorless for wood varnish has a lot of positive feedback from consumers, is widely used for interoperational protection of wooden and metal surfaces.

Precautions for handling the material

Lacquer KHS-567 is toxic and flammable. When using it, you should always use personal protective equipment — rubber gloves and a respirator, to ventilate the premises. Avoid contact with mucous membranes, eyes, respiratory and digestive organs. In case of contact with the skin, wash the affected areas with warm water and soap.

Store the lacquer in a container, excluding the ingress of sunlight and moisture for 6 months from the date of manufacture.





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