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Complex supplies for industrial companies
Complex supplies for industrial companies

Enamel KHS-720

TU U 22595554-09-01


Suspension of pigments and fillers in a solution of a vinyl chloride modified copolymer with elastomers.


For external and internal works on metal for the purpose of decorative finishing and simultaneous anti-corrosion protection. Forms a chemically resistant paint coat that protects the painted surface from aggressive environmental influences.

Standard colors: red-brown and silver. For the production of silvery enamel in ChS-720, aluminum powder PAP-1 or PAP-2 (GOST 5494-71) is introduced in a weight ratio of 92: 8 or in a volume ratio of 100: 40. The shelf life of the enamel after mixing is 72 hours at t = 20 ± 2 ° C. To obtain the color of the enamel required for the customer, pigments and non-ferrous metal powders may be used as a filler.


a) as an independent coating;
b) together with other paints of the XC series — as a layer in a complex multilayer coating;
c) as a binder in the cold galvanizing system.


· Longevity as a part of a complex three-layer coating with paint-and-lacquer materials of the HS series — 10-15 years (subject to the instructions for use and in the absence of mechanical damage to the coating);
· Full water resistance;
· High coating strength, resistance to mechanical, electrical and electrostatic loads, as well as to vibration;
· Excellent chemical resistance to sea water, acids, alkalis, aggressive gases (including exhaust), alcohol, oil, gasoline, oils and other lubricants;
Own chemical inertness;
· Wide temperature range of operation — from -42 ° С to + 105 ° С, resistance to temperature changes;
· High fire resistance, in view of the ability to self-extinguish;
· Resistance to fungus, moss, mold and insects;
· High elasticity (200%) and, as a consequence, almost complete absence of cracking and peeling of the coating;
· Absence of color changes in the sun, due to the resistance to ultraviolet radiation;
· Very fast drying: the smell after drying is completely absent;
· Absence of smudges even on a vertical surface.


Decorative finishing and anticorrosion protection — underwater and above-water part of sea and river vessels, as well as equipment and metal structures exposed to water, mineral acids, alkalis, salts, corrosive gases and other chemical reagents.
Industries: marine, river, rail and road transport, gas and oil pipelines, engineering, chemistry and petrochemistry.


Decorative finishing and protection of trucks, wheel disks, garages, wickets, boats, boats, yachts (including below the waterline), marinas of open reservoirs, etc.


Brush, roller, pneumatic or airless spraying without heating. Enamel can be applied at a temperature of -10 ° C to + 40 ° C. Before use, mix thoroughly. Before painting, the surface must be clean and dry.


Optimal is the use of a universal solvent P-4 (GOST 7827-74). In the absence of solvent P-4, the following types of solvents can be used to dilute the enamel: P-4A, ketones (acetone, methyl ethyl ketone), acetates (butyl acetate, ethyl acetate, amyl acetate). The same solvents can also be used to clean the tool after work.
Do not use as a solvent white spirit, turpentine, gasoline, kerosene, P-646 and P-647.


Approximate consumption for application in one layer — 120-150 g / m2.

Attention! The final polymerization of the coating ends after 14-40 days after application (depending on the temperature). During this time, the coating takes on strength and acquires all its properties. During this period it is not recommended to expose the painted surface to strong mechanical stress, especially in the very first days.


· In liquid form it is FIRE-FIGHTING! Keep away from fire! Do not spray near open flames and hot objects.
· Do not breathe gas / smoke / vapor / spray! Inhalation is toxic.
• Work outdoors or in a well-ventilated area. If ventilation is insufficient, use respiratory protection (RU-60 respirator with A, F, BKF box).
· Use gloves to protect the hands.
· In case of contact with eyes, rinse immediately with plenty of water and seek medical advice.
· Keep out of the reach of children.


Store in a dry dark place. Do not be afraid of freezing. When transporting, follow the rules for the transport of dangerous goods on the appropriate mode of transport. Shelf life -12 months from the date of manufacture. During storage, the film does not form, when thickened, add R-4 solvent.

Do Packing:

Steel barrels of 50 liters.


Colour red-brown, silvery
Appearance of the film Homogeneous, smooth semi-matt, without any sort.
Conventional viscosity according to ВЗ-246 at 20 ° С, s
brushed enamel

red-brown enamel

Mass fraction of nonvolatile substances,%
brushed enamel
red-brown enamel
Degree of grinding according to the «wedge» method, μm, not more than 40
Drying time to degree 3 at 20 ° С, h, not more than 1
Elasticity of coating, mm, not more than 3
Film strength at impact on the device U-1, kgs, not less than 50
Film hardness by pendulum, not less than 0,4
Hiding power of enamel (in terms of dry film), g / m. sq., not more than

red-brown enamel

silver enamel

80                                           45






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