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Complex supplies for industrial companies

Enamel KHS-75U


Chemically resistant enamel KHS-75u gray is intended for painting of metal for the purpose of obtaining complex chemical coating, on primers KHS-010, KHS-059, KHS-068, for protecting the surface from corrosive media of acidic and alkaline nature. And also in combination with a primer KHS-010 and varnish KHS-76 for painting equipment and metal structures exposed to mineral salts, acids, alkalis, corrosive gases and other chemical reagents having a temperature of no higher than 60 ° C.

Chemically resistant enamels KHS-75u black М and black GM are intended for painting of metal for the purpose of coloring of the devices operated in the conditions of temperate and tropical climates. Enamel KHS-75u black M is applied on the primer AK-070, and enamel KHS-75u black GM on the primer EF-0137.


Enamels KHS-75U are a suspension of pigments in a solution of a product of co-polymerization of vinyl chloride with vinylidene chloride in a mixture of organic solvents with the addition of fillers.

Consumption of enamel KHS-75U and drying time

Drying time to st.3 at (20 + 2) 0С — no more than 2 hours. The thickness of one layer of enamel KHS-75u is 20-25 microns. Consumption of enamels KHS-75U for one
layer: 120-150 g / m2.



All colors.


Method of coloring with enamel KHS-75u

Pneumatic spraying, airless spray, brush.

The surface to be painted must be dry, clean and primed with KHS-059 primer. Enamel KHS-75u is applied by pneumatic and airless spraying without heating. Do not use white spirit, turpentine, gasoline, kerosene, P-646, P-647 as solvents.

To dilute the KHS-75u enamel, use solvent P-4, when applied by airless spray to dilute the enamel, use solvents in accordance with approved regulatory and technical documentation for painting.
Consumption: 200-250 g / m2.



Appearance of the film homogeneous surface without wrinkles, craters and foreign inclusions.
Conventional viscosity by viscometer VZ-4 at a temperature (20 ± 0,5) ° С, sec 25-65
Mass fraction of nonvolatile substances,%
black m 23±5
gray, black GM 30±5
Drying time, to degree 3, at a temperature (20 ± 2) ° С, h, not more than
gray 1
Black M and GM 2
Elasticity of the film at bending, mm, not more than 1
Adhesion of film, points, not more than 2
The hardness of the film by a pendulum device of the M-3 type, cond. unit, not less than
Black M and GM 0,3
Gray 0,4
Gloss coating,%, not more than
Black M 8
Black GM 2,5
Resistance of enamel coating (black M, GM) in the humidity chamber, cycles, no less than 7
Resistance of the enamel coating system (gray) at a temperature of 60 ± 2 ° C, h, not less, to the static action of 25% solution
sulfuric acid 12
of hydrochloric acid 24
nitric acid 12
sodium hydroxide 12
Resistance of enamel coating (gray) at a temperature of 20 ± 2 ° C to the static effect of gasoline, hour, not less than 24
Integral reflectance for black GM,%, not more than 5


The warranty period of enamel KHS-75U storage — 6 months from the date of manufacture.

Store the KHS-75U enamel indoors in tightly closed containers, excluding direct sunlight and moisture at a temperature from -30 ° C to 30 ° C.





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