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Complex supplies for industrial companies
Complex supplies for industrial companies

Gera-10 oil

Separating liquid for formwork on the basis of mineral and vegetable oils with anticorrosive and film-forming additives.
It has a highly effective physico-chemical separation effect. Apply a thin layer of spray, roller or brush.

Operating temperature -40 ° C to + 110 ° C

Operational properties

Completely ready for application. Does not require stirring and heating. Increases the service life of the formwork. Does not form toxic compounds in water and air.
Does not contain solvents.


It is applied in a pure form on absorbent and non-absorbent formwork, including those having a polymer coating, in the production of reinforced concrete products, gypsum products, monolithic construction.

ARGO products under normal conditions of use and observance of personal hygiene rules do not pose a health hazard. The product is not flammable and non-toxic. Maximum preservation of performance is achieved when stored in a cool place in a tightly closed container. Avoid contamination of the environment, do not dispose of the product in sewerage or sewage.


Appearance and color Light orange
Operating temperature range, ºС 0…0
Penetration, mm-1 0…0
Density, g / cm3 0.88
Base oil viscosity at 40 ° C, mm2 / s 10
Flash point, ºС 135
Pour point, ºС -40
Solubility in water,% Insoluble





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