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Complex supplies for industrial companies
Complex supplies for industrial companies

Glass organic for light filters (for IR, visible and UV light ranges)

It is intended for manufacturing of color filters of various colors with a normalized spectral curve of the transmittance index used in instrument making and other industries.


It is an unplasticized polymer of methacrylic acid methyl ester with other vinyl monomers stained uniformly in bulk with molecularly dissolved synthetic organic solvents or, technical carbon.
The glass is available in the following grades *:


Polymethyl methacrylate glass:

SOS — organic blue glass;
POPs — organic glass green;
Coolant — glass organic yellow;
СОО — organic orange glass;
SOK — organic red glass;
SOP — organic purple glass;
COT — organic dark glass.

Glass copolymer

СОЗЗ — organic copolymer green glass;
SOSO — glass organic copolymer orange;
SOSK — organic copolymer red glass;
SOSS — organic copolymer blue glass;
СОССЗ — glass organic copolymer blue-green.


Shipped in the form of transparent sheets of rectangular shape with cut edges of the following sizes **:
width (40-1150) mm;
length (40-1250) mm;
thickness (1,0-18,0) mm.

* A more detailed description of the grades of organic glass, spectral transmission curves and other lighting characteristics are given in TU.
** Polymethyl methacrylate glass for optical filters with a thickness of 1.0 and 1.5 mm and a copolymer glass is produced with a maximum dimensions of 500×650 mm.
Upon agreement with the consumer, shipment of uncut sheets is possible.

Physical and mechanical properties

Softening temperature, degrees. С, not lower than
for polymethylmethacrylate glass
thickness 1 -2 mm
thickness of 3 mm and more
for copolymer glass
Breaking strength, MPa, not less than 69,0
Relative elongation at break,%, not less than 2,5
Impact strength, kJ / m2, for thicknesses, not less than
2-4 mm
5 mm and above





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