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Complex supplies for industrial companies

Grease No. 158

It is intended for use in automotive electric equipment (generators, starters, magneto), where for several years it provides operation of rolling bearings without changing. This eliminates the need for periodic lubrication of such units in the operation of cars and tractors.
It is quite common to use lubricant No. 158 in needle bearings of cardan joints of a non-constant angular velocity. The grease can not be replaced within 300 thousand kilometers of run. Such a long time without changing the lubricant number 158 can only work in the bearings of cardan joints with double sealing, which are not yet installed on all types of vehicles. It can be assumed that the service life of other lubricants, for example, lithola-24, in such nodes will also be no less.
Automobile grease No. 158 is a soft ointment with a smooth texture. The blue color of the lubricant is explained by the presence in it of a pigment — copper phthalocyanine, which plays the role of thickener and antioxidant additive.
The temperature range of application (from -40 ° C to 120 ° C) of lubricant No. 158, indicated in the technical specifications TU 38.101320-77, is not sufficiently differentiated. If viscous aviation oil is used as the base oil, the lubricant will not have good low-temperature properties. In most of the rolling bearings of electric vehicles, the frost resistance of the lubricant is not critical. Therefore, lubricant No. 158 is indispensable in these friction points. However, as a rule, it should be used at temperatures not below -30 ° C. Lubricant No. 158 is operable at temperatures up to 90-100 ° C for a long time. It is allowed to briefly overheat to 120 ° C. Nominally, it is required that the dropping point is not lower than 125 ° C; in fact, this figure is close to 150 ° C.
Disadvantages of lubricant number 158 — intensive dyeing of the skin, clothing, tools, workbenches when grease comes on them; There are cases of harmful effects on the skin of the hands. When systematically working with grease No. 158 requires strict compliance with safety regulations.

Description of indicators Grease No. 158

Norm according to GOST (TU)

  1. Appearance

Homogeneous ointment from blue to dark blue

  2. Dropping point, ° С, not lower than


 3. Penetration at 25 ° С, mm•10-1


 4. Viscosity at 0 ° C and a gradient of the strain rate of 10 s-1, Pa • s, not more than


 5. Shear strength at 50 ° C, Pa, within


 6. Colloid stability,% of the extracted oil, not more than


 7. Corrosive effect on metals


 8. Mass fraction of free alkalis,%, not more than


 9. Mass fraction of water,%, not more than


10. Mass fraction of free organic acids

Absence of



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