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Complex supplies for industrial companies

Heat-resistant grease Vniinp 231

Lubrication Vniinp 231- is a soft ointment of black color. Prepare it by thickening the polysiloxane liquid with soot DG-100. By its properties and composition it takes place between greases and unstructured semi-fluid pastes (has a low tensile strength at 20 ° C). Operable at 250 ° C. A temporary overheating of the lubricant is allowed up to 300 ° C. The prolonged heating of soot greases at 150-200 ° C causes their thermal hardening and a sharp deterioration in mechanical stability, up to the complete dilution of the heat-treated lubricant with the sand of its mixing. Lubrication Vniinp 231 has good frost resistance up to -60 ° С.
Good extreme pressure properties make it possible to use Vniinp 231 grease in loaded worm gearboxes and threaded gears. It can also be used in low-speed rolling and sliding bearings. To prevent the leakage of grease, a thorough sealing of the friction units is necessary. It is mainly used in aviation, but can be used in other industries if necessary. Lubrication Vniinp 231 was developed instead of lubricant Vniinp 231


Name of indicators Vniinp 231 lubricant


Norm according to GOST (TU)


homogeneous ointment of black color

Viscosity is effective, Pa-s
        at 50 ° С and an average gradient of the strain rate of 1000 s-1, not less than


      at -51 ° С and an average gradient of the strain rate of 10 s-1, not more than


Strength at 80 ° С, Pa, not less than


Penetration at 25 ° C, mm 10-1

not standardized

Colloid stability at a load of 3Н in% of the extracted oil, no more than


Evaporation at 200 ° С,%, not more than


Water content,%, not more than


Corrosive effect on metals withstands






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