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Complex supplies for industrial companies

VNII NP-235 grease

Lubrication Vniinp 235 is a soft ointment of black-purple color. Lubrication is poorly structured. It differs by low strength limits, slightly increasing with a temperature increase of 20 to 80 ° C. At high temperatures, Vniinp -235 lubricant retains sufficient strength. The viscosity of the lubricant depends little on the rate of deformation. Pressability of oil is high. Lubrication prevents tearing and welding of balls during testing at the FHM up to loads of the order of 10000 N (1000 kgf). However, the diameter of the wear spot in such tests already at small loads reaches 0.6-0.8 mm. The thermal stability of the dispersion medium and thickener, a small change in the strength limit when heated, allows the lubricant to be applied over a wide range of temperatures-from -60 to 250 ° C. It is recommended for a shallow vacuum of the order of 4 kPa (30 mm Hg). Thermostable lubricant VNIINP-235 is used in rocking rolling bearings operating at low speeds, aircraft control systems. For the rest of the qualitative characteristics is close to the usual soap greases.



The name of indicators Lubrication Vniinp -235 Norm according to GOST (TU)
homogeneous ointment smooth structure of black color
Viscosity at -40 ° C and an average strain rate gradient of 10 s-1

 126 Pa-s

Viscosity at -50 ° C and an average strain rate gradient of 1000 s-1

 1,3 Pa-s

Viscosity index

Ash content in%

Content of mechanical impurities in%

Water content


Acid number in mg KOH

The content of free alkalis in terms of NaOH in%

The content of water-soluble acids and alkalis

Evaporation at 200 ° C for 1 hour,%


Colloidal stability of the extracted oil,%


Strength at a temperature of 80 ° C

 290 Pа

Corrosion test on metal plates  
    steel 45






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