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Complex supplies for industrial companies
Complex supplies for industrial companies


Enamel KO-168 is a suspension of pigments and fillers in the organosilicon modified product «Silicone».


Silicon-organic facade paint KO-168 is available in a wide range of colors. Also, in agreement with the customer, it is possible to produce enamel KO-168 according to the customer’s sample or tinting of the facade paint KO-168 in the RAL catalog.


Enamel KO-168 is designed for protective and decorative coatings on such surfaces as: concrete, asbestos cement, wood and bricks. Also, paint KO-168 is used for painting metal surfaces, for finishing the exterior and interior elements of buildings and structures.
Silicon-organic enamel KO-168 is used for painting all kinds of instruments, pipelines, panels and various equipment operating under conditions of variable temperatures, high humidity, various industrial emissions.


Paint KO-168 is applied to the surface with a roller or brush. Also, for painting large areas with organosilicon KO-168 paint, a spray gun is used. Painting robots with organosilicon paint KO-168 can be carried out at temperatures up to minus 20 0С on a clean, dry and non-freezing surface. The drying time of the facade silicone organic enamels KO-168 at + 20 ° C is not more than 24 hours. With decreasing ambient temperature and the surface to be painted, the drying time of the organosilicon enamels KO-168 can increase.


Enamel KO-168 — ready for use. If necessary, paint KO-168 is dissolved with xylene.


The consumption of the facade paint KO-168 on a single-layer coating is 150-180 g / m 2. The silicone-organic facade paint KO-168 is recommended to be applied to the surface in two thin layers with intermediate drying between the layers for 3-6 hours.


The warranty period of storage of organosilicon façade enamel KO-168 is 12 months from the date of manufacture.
Silicone organic enamel KO-168 should be stored in the original, tightly closed container manufacturer.
The organosilicon KO-168 enamel should be protected from direct sunlight, moisture and fire.
Silicone-organic paint KO-168 should be stored in warehouses, separate from food.





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