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Complex supplies for industrial companies


KO-42 is a two-pack paint and varnish based on ethyl silicate binder and zinc powder.

Recommended use

Paint KO-42 (enamel KO-42) is used to protect against corrosion of the inner surface of steel tanks for drinking water, including on newly built and under repair ships.

Paint KO-42T is designed for anticorrosion protection of metal surfaces of hot domestic and drinking water supply equipment.


Paint KO-42 is a material of increased water resistance, coatings with this type of paint are environmentally friendly.

The use of materials refers to the method of «cold galvanizing».

The service life of 4-layer coating with paint KO-42 is not less than three years.

Coating with paint KO-42Т is resistant to temperatures up to 100 оС.


Technical ethyl alcohol (GOST 17299-78, GOST 18300-87) in an amount of no more than 5% of the mass of paint (enamel) KO-42.

Cleaning tools

Ethyl alcohol, acetone, solvent.


At a temperature of 20 ° C — not less than 4 hours.

Rules for applying KO-42

Surface preparation is carried out according to GOST 9.402 (degree of purification from oxides — 2, degree of degreasing — 1) or according to ISO ISO 8501-1 (to the degree Sa2½ or St3).

It is allowed to apply the paint on the old solidly adhering coating.

Methods of application: Pneumatic spray, brush.

Before use, the paint base is mixed with zinc powder in a weight ratio of 1: 2, respectively, thoroughly mixed and filtered through a sieve with a grid 02 (GOST 6613-86).

If necessary, the enamel is diluted with ethyl alcohol (GOST 17299-78, GOST 18300-87) in an amount not exceeding 5% of the mass of the paint.

The prepared paint is applied to the surface of the metal with a brush or pneumatic spray at an ambient temperature of minus 10 ° C to 30 ° C and a relative humidity of not more than 80%.

To prevent condensation of moisture, the surface temperature should be above the dew point by at least 3 ° C.

When applying, you must constantly mix the finished paint.

To flush the instrument, solvents can be used: ethyl alcohol, acetone, solvent 646.

Precautionary measures

Materials are flammable! Do not work near open sources of fire.

Work should be carried out with good ventilation, rubber gloves, using personal protective equipment.

Do not allow to enter the respiratory and digestive organs. If the material gets on the skin, wash it with warm water and soap.

Keep the paint indoors in a tightly closed container at an ambient temperature of minus 50 ° C to + 30 ° C, excluding direct sunlight and moisture.

Warranty period of storage

The manufacturer of paint (enamel) KO-42 sets the shelf life of this type of paint — 6 months from the date of manufacture.


TU 2312-023-27524984-2001





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