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Enamel KO-813 is made by mixing KO-815 varnish and aluminum powder in a ratio of 94: 6. After 8 hours after receiving this mixture, it can already be used for painting.

Destination of enamel KO-813

Since the coating formed by the enamel KO-813 provides excellent protection against the effects of high temperatures and various chemical compounds and moisture, this type of enamel has found its application when painting oil pipelines, gas pipelines and other metal products exposed to such influences.

Characteristics of enamel KO-813

The film forming the coating turns out to be quite elastic and strong. Approximate drying time of enamel in normal temperature conditions is about 3 hours. Enamels КО-813 are characterized by good adhesion to concrete and reinforced concrete structures, they have good waterproofing properties.

The use of enamel KO-813

In order to prepare the coloring compound, two components are blended: KO-815 varnish and aluminum powder in the proportion of 94 to 6. It is also possible to prepare the mixture by taking 100 parts of KO-85 varnish and 5 parts of aluminum powder. This mixture should be used within 8 hours from the date of preparation. If the resulting enamel is too thick, it is diluted to the desired consistency with xylene, toluene or solvent.

A carefully mixed enamel is applied to a previously prepared, cleaned, degreased and dried surface with a spray gun.

Drying of the enameled surface occurs within 2 hours after application (at a temperature of 18 to 22 degrees). Finally, the surface dries out during the operation of the structure when it is heated.

After finishing all work, all equipment is cleaned with toluene, xylene or other solvents. Otherwise, the enamel will dry up and have to be cleaned mechanically.

Precautions for working with enamels КО-813

The composition of enamel KO-813 has an increased flammability, so it is strictly forbidden to use the material near sources of open fire. The room must be continuously ventilated. Also you need to protect yourself with the help of personal protective equipment and rubber gloves. If the enamel accidentally got on the surface of the skin, you should wash it well with a soap solution.

Storage conditions for enamel KO-813

The can with enamel KO-813 is stored tightly closed in a place well protected from moisture and direct sun rays at temperatures from -30 to +30 degrees.





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