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Complex supplies for industrial companies
Complex supplies for industrial companies

LAC VL-931k

VL-931k varnish is a solution of copolymers of polyvinylformehalal and phenol-formaldehyde resin mixed with organic solvents.
Designed for the manufacture of electrical machines, apparatus and instruments.
Enamelling with varnish VL-931k makes it possible to wind the starters of electric machines without additional winding of enameled wires with cotton or silk yarns, which gives a big economic effect and significantly reduces the thickness of insulation, which ultimately leads to an increase in the filling factor of the groove of electric machines and to increase them power at the same dimensions.
An important advantage of wires with VL-931k varnish is increased cold resistance, oil resistance and resistance to solvents (mixture of 70% (vol.) Ethanol and 30% (vol.) Of toluene. Due to the increased cold resistance of the wire, this varnish is widely used in the engines of household refrigerators, and increased oil resistance makes it possible to use VL-931k in oil transformers.


Appearance and color Homogeneous liquid from yellow to light brown color
Conventional viscosity according to ВЗ-1 at 20 ° С, sec. 300-600
Mass fraction of nonvolatile substances, % 20-25
Technological sample withstands testing
Presence of mechanical inclusions in varnish lack of


Packing: technical cans (40l) — 36kg





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