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Complex supplies for industrial companies
Complex supplies for industrial companies

Lacquer АС 528

Acrylic Lacquer 528 Series

Acrylic Lacquer 528 Series is a 1K HAPS free solvent topcoat. Acrylic Lacquer 528 Series provides direct adhesion to PC, PC/ABS, and ABS substrates used for automotive interior rigid trim parts.
Painting of metal products, exposed to direct sunlight during operation, implies further processing of the painted surface with varnishes. If you are interested in reliable protection against color burnout, then it is enough to cover the surface with a special varnish. In the list of products of JSC «PKF Spectrum» there is a varnish as-528, characterized by its resistance.
The composition of the lacquer AC-528 is part of the xylene and the solution acristalado of lacquer, plasticizers and stabilizers. AC-528 varnish is designed to protect the fluorescent enamel as-554 and fluorescent enamel as-555 from fading when exposed to ultraviolet light.Characteristics of lacquer AC-528 and its scope

As-528 varnish is a single-pack, quick-drying material with increased light, oil and gas resistance. The coating becomes resistant to water and gasoline. It can be applied by spraying or pouring, and brush.

Application conditions:

For application by air spraying as-528 diluted to a viscosity of 18-20 C., by filling-up to 30-35 C. Coating applied by spraying, dries at a temperature of 18-22 °C for an hour. With the brush method-4 hours.


Precautions and shelf life:


Flammable! If it gets into the respiratory and digestive system, it is poisonous. In case of contact with the skin, wash off with warm water and soap. Stored in conditions that prevent direct sunlight in rooms with low humidity at temperatures from -20°C to +30°C. shelf life — 12 months from the date of issue. After this period of use is not recommended, as the varnish partially loses its protective properties.


The scope of the AC-528 is not limited. It can be used to protect objects painted with reflective enamels when creating interior design, any pre-painted metal products exposed to ultraviolet rays.




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