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Complex supplies for industrial companies
Complex supplies for industrial companies

Lubrication IP-1

Operational properties

It is designed for lubrication of loaded mechanisms, rolling mill bearings and other friction units of metallurgical equipment with a central lubricant supply.
The temperature range of application of summer grease from 0 ° C to plus 70 ° C, winter — from minus 10 ° C to plus 70 ° C.


The composition is close to solidol-G is produced on the basis of a viscous mineral cylinder oil. As a thickener, hydrogenated animal fat and calcium soaps of cottonseed oil are used. The canceled GOST 3257-53 for IP-1 grease provided for the use of Ca-Na soap (4: 1) as the thickener. To increase the extreme pressure properties of the lubricant, some of the cotton oil that is part of the lubricant is subjected to sulphuration.
Industrial lubrication IP-1 — one of the most common greases produced in Russia, and occupies a key place among lubricants for metallurgical equipment. The frost-resistant properties of the IP-1 lubricant are below the average. However, at negative temperatures, even the winter type of lubricant is poorly pumped through centralized lubrication systems. Lubrication IP-1 has a satisfactory colloidal stability and good water resistance. The standard sets the warranty period for the storage of lubricants in containers for three years. Virtually the lubricant can be stored without loss of quality for a longer time. Apply lubricant IP-1 mainly for bearings of rolling mills and other friction units of metallurgical equipment. It is fed with a centralized lubrication system directly to the friction points.


ARGO products under normal conditions of use and observance of personal hygiene rules do not pose a health hazard. The product is not flammable and non-toxic. Maximum preservation of performance is achieved when stored in a cool place in a tightly closed container. Avoid contamination of the environment, do not dispose of the product in sewerage or sewage. For disposal of used lubricants, consult certified organizations in the field.


Operating temperature range, ºС 0…65
Penetration, mm-1 280…310
Droplet temperature, ° С, not lower than 85
Viscosity effective at 0 ° С, Па · с, no more than 250
Strength at 20 ° С, Pa, not less than 200





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