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Complex supplies for industrial companies
Complex supplies for industrial companies

Oligoether acrylates

TGM-3 oligoether glycolate

Dimethacrylate triethylene glycol (h) TGM-3h

Oligoether acrylate TMGF-11

Oligoether acrylate MDF-2

Oligoether glycolate of MGF-9 grade


Continuously increasing requirements for the operational properties of polymer materials, processing equipment efficiency and pollution levels stimulated the development and development of low-volatility, low-toxic, low-shrinkage polymers that do not require high temperatures and pressures of liquid polymerizable oligoether acrylates (OEA).


Oligoether acrylates include polymerizable simple and complex oligomers containing two or more acrylic acid residues in the form of end groups in the main chain or in lateral branches and a portion of the chain between them, called the oligomer block.


The above properties of oligoether acrylates allow their use in the production of enamels and varnishes for wood and metal, binders for composite materials, adhesives, anaerobic sealants, electrical insulating compounds, optical parts, contact lenses, printing plates, .


The use of polymerizable oligomers, to which the OEA belongs, has opened an important stage in polymer technology based on the direct liquid-oligomer-solid (polymer) transition, bypassing the complex and time-consuming stages of synthesis, isolation, purification, granulation and processing of high-molecular compounds.





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