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Complex supplies for industrial companies
Complex supplies for industrial companies

Organic glass for hard contact lenses

It is intended for manufacturing of corrective and cosmetic rigid contact lenses.


It is an unplasticized polymer of methacrylic acid methyl ester stained uniformly in bulk with molecularly dissolved synthetic organic dyes. It is produced in a transparent single-color and two-color two-layered in different colors and the color density of the following grades *:
Single-color (nominal 0,8; 1,0; 6,0; mm):


SOS — organic blue glass;
UGZ — glass organic yellow-green;
SON — organic neutral glass (bluish-gray, grayish-brown, grayish-blue);
COT — organic glass dark (gray-green, greenish-gray, brownish-gray, grayish-brown, brown, maroon).

Two-color (denomination 8.0 mm):

BOSOT-B — glass is an organic colorless (one layer), SOT — glass grade COT (second layer).


Single-colored glass with a nominal thickness of 0.8 and 1.0 mm is available in the form of sheets (format) of any shape with cut and uncircumcised edges. The size of the format allows you to cut a blank with a diameter of at least 30 mm.


* A more detailed description of the grades of organic glass, spectral transmission curves and other lighting characteristics are given in TU.


A single-color glass with a thickness of 6.0 mm and a two-tone two-layered sheet with a thickness of 8.0 mm is produced in the form of sheets of rectangular shape with cut edges of width (100-1150) mm and length (100-1250) mm.

Physical and mechanical properties

Softening temperature, degrees. С, not lower than 100
Residual monomer content,%, not more than 1,0


The warranty period of storage is 2 years.





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