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Complex supplies for industrial companies

Packing polyvinylchloride material UPM

A recipe, technology and NTD for PVC sealing material of UPM grade have been developed.


Sealing PVC material UPM is made in the form of plasticized PVC sheets by the roller-press method. The method of fabrication of the material provides minimum tolerances for the thickness of the product (minimum variance) and, accordingly, better sealing of the seal.


The material is used as a sealant of the equipment to ensure tightness of the seal during pneumohydraulic testing.


Can also be used as a chemically resistant cushioning or sealant (sealing) material for equipment, including for compressed gas cylinders.


The temperature limits of the material are from -40ºC to + 70ºC.


In terms of appearance and color, linear dimensions and nominal thicknesses, physical and mechanical properties, the material meets the requirements and norms specified in the table.




The norm for

TU 2246-567-00208947-2016

1 Appearance The surface is flat, without foreign inclusions. Small scratches, corrugations and dents from cork sheets are allowed
2 Colour Unpainted
3 Thickness of sheets, mm 2,0 ±0,53,0 ± 0,5
4 Sheet size, mm (385×280) ± 10
5 Breaking strength, MPa not less than 15
6 Relative elongation at break,% not less than 220
7 Shore A hardness, unit scale 80-90





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