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Complex supplies for industrial companies
Complex supplies for industrial companies

TermoLub S 650M

Waterproof high-temperature grease of a new generation based on mineral oil of high viscosity, thickened with calcium sulfonate complex for high-loaded steel and rolling metallurgical equipment, as well as equipment for cement and concentrating industries, which is operated in high temperature and humidity conditions. To increase the load-bearing capacity of the lubricant, molybdenum disulphide is introduced into the composition.

Operating temperature -20 ° C … + 180 ° C

Operational properties

Due to the unique properties of the thickener, TermoLub S650M grease exceeds the high-temperature properties of the grease on a complex lithium thickener, and on the load capacity, pumpability and water resistance, lubrication on a complex calcium thickener.

It has high thermal and mechanical stability and the ability to restore its structure after cooling to ambient temperature.

With intensive mixing, the structure and properties of the lubricant do not change. Due to the natural anti-wear and extreme pressure properties of the thickener, it protects the bearings well against wear during critical loads. It features an effective protection against corrosion at high temperatures and in the presence of sea water. Special adhesion properties provide excellent protection of open gears from wear. Has an extremely high water resistance. The water that has entered the grease is released into a separate phase and does not affect its properties.


The unique performance properties of the TermoLub S650M grease allow it to be used for lubricating bearings operating at critical pressures and shock loads, high temperatures and significant waterlogging. Specially recommended for use in centralized lubrication systems of various mechanisms operating under severe conditions. TermoLub S650M is designed for cases where conventional lubricants do not satisfy complex operational tasks.


ARGO products under normal conditions of use and observance of personal hygiene rules do not pose a health hazard. The product is not flammable and non-toxic. Maximum preservation of performance is achieved when stored in a cool place in a tightly closed container. Avoid contamination of the environment, do not dispose of the product in sewerage or sewage.





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