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Complex supplies for industrial companies
Complex supplies for industrial companies

TNRF paints in assortment

This series of paints is used as universal flekso of paint for lamination on some bases. The POLIROTO/F INT series without activator of adhesion can be used on the acrylic varnished OPP, cellophane PT and NTs to the varnished aluminum foil.
Before use check resistance to abrasion of the sealed material for surfaces, the sliding additives are provided on demand.

It is recommended to add 4-5% of the activator of adhesion for increase in the general chemical foundations of the sealed materials and thermal stability on the stuck together sites.
Information is based on the tests which are carried out in our laboratories and during industrial application. However, properties of product and its compliance to requirements of buyers depends on specific conditions of use and basis on which it is printed. We recommend to each buyer to check before start of the press whether our product conforms to its requirements in all aspects. All sales happen under general conditions.

Stability and uses:

Requirements for additional physical or chemical firmness have to be specified separately in the written order and receive confirmations from our party in writing. Also it is necessary to specify final and special application, special conditions of use of product, special bases. Generally, stability of the offered product corresponds to normal use of additional products for the press of packagings.



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